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Hazardous-Location Limit Switches

Hazardous-Location Limit Switches

A heavy-duty head and body along with a weather-resistant seal allow these switches to be rated for use in both indoor and outdoor hazardous environments where weather and explosions are a concern.

Pin Plunger

These switches are actuated when force is applied perpendicular to the pin at the end of the plunger.

Aluminum Body

Roller Lever

When the switch setup involves radial movement rather than linear movement, choose a roller lever. A roller on the lever reduces friction, which means less force is required to actuate the switch. When force is removed, the lever springs back to its original position.

Aluminum Body & Bronze Roller

Wobble Stick

Also known as a flexible rod, spring rod, or cat whiskers, wobble sticks have a similar length as rod levers but can flex in any direction for full 360° capability.

Aluminum Body & Delrin Arm

Manual Paddle

Shaped like a paddle, these switches are manually operated and can be used to make a customized foot switch.

Aluminum Body & Steel Arm