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# of Poles
Current Rating
Input Volt
Auxiliary Contact Pole-Throw Configuration
HP - Single Phase @ 120V
HP - Single Phase @ 240V
HP - Three Phase @ 240V
HP - Three Phase @ 480V
HP - Three Phase @ 600V
IEC Contactors

IEC Contactors

Choose IEC contactors to fit a specific application and load requirement. These contactors conform to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. They are compact in size and can be mounted on DIN rails.


Designed for industrial applications, these IEC contactors are used for switching 3-phase motors and can be combined with overload relays to create a motor starter.

3 - Pole, Non-Reversing

Single/Three Phase

Three Phase

3 - Pole, Reversing

Single/Three Phase

Miniature IEC

Control small motors with these compact IEC contactors.

Single/Three Phase

3- Pole, Non-Reversing

4- Pole, Non-Reversing