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HP - Three Phase @ 240V
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IEC Motor Starters

IEC Motor Starters

Start motors automatically or remotely using these IEC motor starters that have a compact design, mount on DIN rails, and offer overload protection. These motor starters conform to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and are often used in applications that don’t have fluctuating specifications, such as OEM equipment.


The standard option, these motor starters have an open configuration, without any enclosure, for easy access.



Indoor Enclosed

These motor starters come mounted in an enclosure for protection against dust or damage and are suitable for indoor use.

Without Controls

Start/Stop Push Button

Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch

Start/Stop Push Button & Red Pilot Light

Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch & Red Pilot Light

Watertight Enclosed

The watertight enclosure on these IEC-standard motor starters helps keep out moisture.

Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch

Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch & Transformer

Start/Stop Push Button & Transformer