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Insulation-Piercing Wire Taps

Insulation-Piercing Wire Taps

An insulation-piercing wire tap, also known as an insulation-displacement contact (IDC), is an electrical connector with a sharp internal blade that pierces through the cable insulation, bypassing the need to strip the insulation before connecting.

Run & Tap Connectors

One side of the connector accommodates a through wire while the other side is used to tap in a new wire. These run and tap connectors are insulation-piercing connectors, so wire stripping is not necessary. Gel fill material provides moisture resistance.

Polypropylene Insulated, Flame Retardant - 600V AC

Gel Fill

No Fill

Pigtail Connectors

Also known as butt connector splices, these pigtail insulation-piercing wire taps are similar to butt splices, but no wire stripping is required for the pigtail connection. Silicone fill material is for underground applications. Gel fill material is moisture resistant.

Silicon Fill — 300V AC

Polycarbonate Insulated

Gel Fill — 600V AC

Nylon Insulated

Polypropylene Insulated

No Fill — 600V AC

Nylon Insulated


Also known as quick-disconnect insulation displacement connectors, these T-taps have a tab that allows you to easily connect male terminal wires to make an electrical circuit. The terminal wire can be disconnected and re-connected as needed.

No Fill, Flame Retardant - 600V AC

Nylon Insulated

Energized System Connectors

Also known as B-Taps, these insulation-piercing connectors have a self-insulated housing that makes them suitable for live wires and energized systems. They also have a water-tight gel filling and a corrosion-resistant polymer body. Tighten the bolts with a standard wrench to complete the connection.

Gel Fill — 600V

UV-Stable Polymer Insulated

Easy Install Cap Connectors

Also known as B-connectors, beans, or beanies, these connectors have a snap-on design that allows for quick installation and connection testing. They do not require insulation stripping because the snap-on action pierces the insulation. These are often used in communication wiring systems.

No Fill, Flame Retardant - 300V AC

PVC Insulated

Sealant Fill, Flame Retardant - 300V AC

PVC Insulated