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Liquid-Tight Elbows

Liquid-Tight Elbows

Use these elbow fittings to route liquid-tight conduit around corners and curves or attach it to an electrical enclosure at an angle. They provide a liquid-tight seal to protect wires and cables from water and moisture. Ideal for use in direct burial, concrete, and lighting applications.

Metallic Elbow Connectors

Made of metal, these elbows are suitable for forming connections between metallic conduit and devices.

45° Steel/Malleable Iron Elbows

90° Zinc Elbows

Nonmetallic Elbow Connectors

Because they're made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant nonmetallic materials, these elbows are suitable for use on outdoor equipment such as pools or spas.

45° Plastic Elbows

90° Plastic Elbows

Nonmetallic Adjustable Elbow Connectors

The body of these elbows swivels to allow you to connect conduit at any angle between 0° to 90°. They are made from a lightweight nonmetallic material that will not corrode, making them suitable for outdoor installations such as pools and spas. Because they can accommodate connections at a range of angles, adjustable elbows are a good choice for replacing existing fittings.

Hazardous-Location Elbow Connectors

Suitable for connecting conduit in certain flammable and combustible environments, these elbows are rated for use in Class I and II, Division 1 and 2 hazardous locations.

45° Steel/Malleable Iron Elbows

90° Steel/Malleable Iron Elbows