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Liquid-Tight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit (LFNC)

Liquid-Tight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit (LFNC)

The jacket and core of this liquid-tight flexible nonmetallic conduit (LFNC) are made of PVC, which does not conduct electricity and will not corrode. LFNC flexes to accommodate tight bends and curves when running cable or wire to equipment such as pools, spas, and HVAC systems. When paired with the appropriate fittings, this conduit provides a liquid-tight seal to protect wires and cables from damage in indoor and outdoor locations where water or other liquids are present.

General Purpose

Provide a pathway for electrical wire and cable runs and protect them at the same time with general purpose LFNC.

PVC Core, Black PVC Jacket

Harsh Environment

Protect cables and wires from damaging liquids, oils, and solvents in harsh industrial environments with this LFNC. It has a PVC jacket that resists corrosion, oils, and sunlight.

PVC Core, Gray PVC Jacket


Install LFNC with these kits, which include conduit and fittings. They save you the hassle of buying conduit and fittings separately.

PVC Core, Gray PVC Jacket