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Liquid-Tight Straight Connectors

Liquid-Tight Straight Connectors

The standard connection, these straight fittings join electrical conduit to a junction box or enclosure.

Metallic Straight Connectors

Made of metal, these connectors are suitable for use with metallic conduit and devices to hold and protect electrical conductors.



Watertight Nonmetallic Straight Connectors

These watertight connectors resist moisture and corrosion and are suitable for outdoor installation. Non-metallic fittings typically weigh less than metal ones, and are ideal for use when weight is a factor in an application.



Hazardous-Location Straight Connectors

Suitable for connecting conduit in certain flammable and combustible environments, these straight connectors can be used in Class I and II, Division 1 and 2 hazardous environments.

High Corrosion Resistant