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Metallic Raceways, Fittings, & Accessories

Metallic Raceways, Fittings, & Accessories

Stronger than plastic raceways, use metallic raceways, fittings, and accessories to mount low-voltage wires or cables to walls, floors, or ceilings without having to cut into the surface. The raceways cover the wires and cables to keep them organized and concealed for a neat appearance. Commonly used in classrooms, offices, and hotels, they can be painted to blend into the surroundings.

Legrand 500 & 700 Series

Surface mount a small number of electrical wires or communication cables with 500 and 700 series raceways, fittings, and accessories. Narrower and less deep than the 2400, 2400DB, 4000, and 4000DB series raceway systems, they are ideal for running wires and cables to a single device such as an outlet, data port, or phone line.

500 Raceways

34 in (Wd) x 1732 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

500 Accessories

700 Raceways

34 in (Wd) x 2132 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

700 Accessories

500/700 Accessories

Legrand 2400 & 2400DB Series

Low-profile 2400 and 2400DB series raceways, fittings, and accessories are narrower and less deep than the 4000 and DS4000 series raceway systems but wider and slightly deeper than the 500 and 700 raceway systems. Ideal for installing communication or power cables in a home or office.

2400 Clip

2400 Connection Cover

2400 Coupling

2400 Cover

2400 Elbow

2400 Electrical Box

2400 End Fitting

2400 Raceway

1 2932 in (Wd) x 78 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

2400 Tee

Legrand 4000 & DS4000 Series

Large-capacity dual-channel 4000 and DS4000 series raceway systems can hold more wires and cables than 500, 700, 2400, and 2400DB series raceway systems. They are suitable for large commercial, institutional, and industrial wiring applications.

4000 Raceways

4 34 in (Wd) x 1 34 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

4000 Accessories

DS4000 Raceways

DS4000 Accessories