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Miniature Multi-Media Pressure Switches

Miniature Multi-Media Pressure Switches

The compact, low-profile body of these miniature pressure switches allows them to fit in tight spaces. They are frequently used where space is at a premium, such as with pumps, turbines, vehicles, and medical equipment.

Water Tight

Keep out water and other liquids with these miniature pressure switches. They have an enclosure that is rated as watertight, making them suitable for marine and washdown environments.

Voltage 250V AC — SPDT Configuration

Voltage 32V DC — SPST Configuration

Explosion Proof

Rated for use where explosions are a possibility, these miniature pressure switches have an explosion-proof enclosure. They are often used on pressure alarms and shutdown systems in hazardous areas.

Voltage 250V AC — SPDT Configuration


Offering consistent and accurate measurements the entire life of the switch, digital pressure switches have no moving measuring parts to wear down over time and produce imprecise measurements.