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Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

Sometimes called insulated circuit breakers, these molded-case circuit breakers (MCCB) have an insulated housing to protect electrical equipment from short trips, overload trips, electronic trips, and thermal-magnetic trips. Use these breakers for branch protection in a variety of industrial, mining, and energy applications including panelboards, switchboards, and motor controls.


Use these thermal-magnetic circuit breakers to protect your equipment.

for GE Panel Boards

TED Series

THED Series

TQD Series

F & L Frame

Manually open a circuit under overload or short-circuit conditions using these breakers that provide basic thermal-magnetic protection. F-frame models support 15 to 100A ratings, while L-frame models support 125 to 400A ratings. These breakers are commonly used in control equipment panels, construction, and commercial and industrial buildings.

for Square D Panelboards

F- Frame, 100A Frame Size

L- Frame, 400A Frame Size

H & J Frame

These PowerPact electronic and thermal magnetic circuit breakers are used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Both models are UL489 listed for marine use. H-frame breakers have an amp rating of 15A to 150A. J-frame circuit breakers have 150A to 250A ratings, and are used for mission-critical applications in facilities such as hospitals and water and wastewater treatment.

for Square D Panelboards

H- Frame, 60A Frame Size

H- Frame, 100A Frame Size

H- Frame, 150A Frame Size

J- Frame, 250A Frame Size

M & Q Frame

PowerPact M-frame and Q-frame circuit breakers are UL489 listed for marine use. M-frame molded-case thermal-magnetic circuit breakers have an electronic trip system to open a circuit when overload or short circuit conditions are detected. Q-frame molded-case circuit breakers provide thermal-magnetic protection and are used for switching on AC systems and overcurrent protection in 240VAC applications. Installation locations include industrial buildings, healthcare facilities, data centers, and marine locations.

for Square D Panelboards

FBN & FBH Series

UL listed for use with heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HACR) applications, these RecordPlus circuit breakers have dual AC/DC ratings and can be reverse fed.

for GE Panelboards

FBN Series

FBH Series

Spectra Series

Spectra-series circuit breakers are rated for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HACR) use and have an adjustable instantaneous trip system that uses a digital trip system. Solid-state technology provides accurate sensing and is insensitive to ambient temperatures.

for GE Panel Boards

SE Series

SF Series

ED, HED, FXD, & JXD Series

Use these breakers with AC/DC systems up to 600V AC/600V DC.

for Siemens Panel Boards

ED2 Series

ED4 Series

FXD6-A Series