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NEMA Straight-Blade Connectors

NEMA Straight-Blade Connectors

Compatible with NEMA straight-blade plugs, these NEMA straight-blade connectors have a female connection.

General Purpose

Ideal for general purpose use, these connectors have a plastic housing that provides durability for basic commercial and industrial applications.

3 Blade, Grounding

Corrosion Resistant

Made of brass and plastic, these connectors are corrosion resistant for protection from small amounts of moisture.

3 Blade, Grounding

2 Blade, Non-Grounding

Power Indicating

LED indicators let you know the status of the power and ground continuity of these connectors. The LEDs light up in different colors to signal different issues.

3 Blade, Grounding

Weather Resistant

Ideal for outdoor use, these connectors are designed to resist rain, snow, temperature changes, and wear from outdoor elements.

3 Blade, Grounding

4 Blade, Grounding


Constructed of water-resistant materials, these connectors are protected from moisture. They meet IP and NEMA standards for wet environments.

3 Blade, Grounding

Dust Tight

A seal on the housing of these connectors keeps out dust and debris to maintain a good connection.

3 Blade, Grounding

3 Blade, Non-Grounding

Hospital Grade

A strong and durable construction allows for consistent functionality and safety. These connectors are ideal for heavy-use environments such as hospitals and schools. They are UL Listed as hospital grade.

3 Blade, Grounding