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Non-NEMA Turn-Locking  Female Receptacles

Non-NEMA Turn-Locking Female Receptacles

The same as other female turn-locking receptacles but without the NEMA configuration, these non-NEMA turn-locking female receptacles accept matching non-NEMA turn-locking male connectors. The curved-blade design of the plugs twists into receptacles to secure the connection against loosening.

General Purpose

Ideal for general purpose use, these receptacles have a plastic housing that provides durability for basic commercial and industrial applications.

3 Blade/Slots — Grounding

4 Blade/Slots — Grounding

5 Blade/Slots — Grounding

Flanged Mount

3 Blade/Slots — Grounding

3 Blade/Slots — Non-Grounding

Corrosion Resistant

Made of brass and plastic, these receptacles are corrosion resistant for protection from small amounts of moisture.

3 Blade — Grounding

3 Blade — Non-Grounding

4 Blade — Grounding

4 Blade — Non-Grounding


Constructed of water-resistant materials, these receptacles are protected from moisture. They meet IP and NEMA standards for wet environments.

3 Blade — Non-Grounding