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Nonmetallic Raceways, Fittings, & Accessories

Nonmetallic Raceways, Fittings, & Accessories

Lightweight and easy to cut, these nonmetallic raceways and accessories keep electrical wiring and low-voltage cables organized and concealed in an inconspicuous molding.

Wiremold Eclipse PN03, PN05, & PN10 Series

The Eclipse series of raceways components create single-compartment raceway systems that are low-profile, have a snap-on latching cover, and install with an adhesive backing.

Eclipse PN03 Series, Raceways

0.8125 in (Wd) x 0.5 in (Ht) x 8 ft (Lg)

Eclipse PN03 Series

Eclipse PN03 Series, Accessories

Eclipse PN03, PN05, PN10 Series

Eclipse PN05 Series, Raceways

1.125 in (Wd) x 0.625 in (Ht) x 8 ft (Lg)

Eclipse PN05 Series

Eclipse PN05 Series, Accessories

Eclipse PN10 Series, Raceways

1.6875 in (Wd) x 0.8125 in (Ht) x 8 ft (Lg)

Eclipse PN10 Series

Eclipse PN10 Series, Accessories

Eclipse PN03, PN05, PN10 Series, Accessories

Wiremold 400, 800, & 2300 Series

Select from this family of single-channel raceway systems for communication or power applications that require a small, secure, low-profile raceway.

400 Series, Raceways

0.88 in (Wd) x 0.44 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

400 Series, Accessories

800 Series, Raceways

1.31 in (Wd) x 0.44 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

800 Series, Accessories

2300 Series, Raceways

2.25 in (Wd) x 0.69 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

2300 Series, Accessories

400, 800, 2300 Series, Accessories