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Nonmetallic Raceways, Fittings, & Accessories

Nonmetallic Raceways, Fittings, & Accessories

Lighter and easier to cut than metallic raceways, these nonmetallic raceways, fittings, and accessories keep low-voltage wires and cables organized and concealed in an inconspicuous molding. Use them to mount wires or cables to walls, floor, or ceilings without having to cut into the surface. Ideal for use in classrooms, offices, and hotel applications.

Wiremold Eclipse PN03, PN05, & PN10 Series

Small and compact, Eclipse series raceways, fittings, and accessories create single-channel raceway systems that are low-profile. The raceways have a snap-on latching cover and an adhesive backing for installation. Commonly used for running small numbers of wires and cables to computers, surveillance systems, fire alarms, and outlets.

Eclipse PN03 Series, Raceways

0.8125 in (Wd) x 0.5 in (Ht) x 8 ft (Lg)

Eclipse PN03 Series

Eclipse PN03 Series, Accessories

Eclipse PN03, PN05, PN10 Series

Eclipse PN05 Series, Raceways

1.125 in (Wd) x 0.625 in (Ht) x 8 ft (Lg)

Eclipse PN05 Series

Eclipse PN05 Series, Accessories

Eclipse PN10 Series, Raceways

1.6875 in (Wd) x 0.8125 in (Ht) x 8 ft (Lg)

Eclipse PN10 Series

Eclipse PN10 Series, Accessories

Eclipse PN03, PN05, PN10 Series, Accessories

Wiremold 400, 800, & 2300 Series

With more capacity than Eclipse series raceway systems, Wiremold single-channel raceway systems are a good choice when a large number of wires need to be concealed. Good for communication or power applications that require a secure, low-profile raceway.

400 Series, Raceways

0.875 in (Wd) x 0.4375 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

400 Series, Accessories

800 Series, Raceways

1.3125 in (Wd) x 0.4375 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

800 Series, Accessories

2300 Series, Raceways

2.25 in (Wd) x 0.6875 in (Ht) x 5 ft (Lg)

2300 Series, Accessories

400, 800, 2300 Series, Accessories