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Overload Relays

Overload Relays

Protect motors from overload using these relays that limit current draw and help prevent electric motors from overheating. The overload relay is time-sensitive to allow brief, harmless overloads to pass through. These relays can reset the circuit when the overload condition has been eliminated.

For NEMA Contactors

These overload relays are suitable for use with NEMA-compliant contactors.

Overload Relays for NEMA Size 00-1 Contactors

with Single-Phase Sensitivity

without Single-Phase Sensitivity

Replacement 9065 Solid State Relays

with Ground Fault Detection

Separately Mounted 9065 Solid State Relays

with Ground Fault Detection

For IEC Contactors

Use these overload relays with IEC-compliant contactors to prevent overheating.

Single Phase Sensitivity

with Single Phase Sensitivity

without Single Phase Sensitivity