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Pin Terminals

Pin Terminals

The solid pins on these terminals allow fast, secure connections to DIN terminal blocks and other terminals with clamping screws or set screws. Attach them to stranded wire by crimping.


The built-in insulation is useful in places where shorts may be likely and helps prevent damage to wires due to flexing and vibration.

Nylon Insulated — Max Operating Temp 221 ° F

Vinyl Insulated — Max Operating Temp 167 ° F

Vinyl Insulated — Max Operating Temp 221 ° F


Use these bare terminals in high-temperature environments where insulation would be damaged and is therefore not practical, such as in light fixtures.

Aluminum Offset

Provide corrosion-resistant pin-type terminations to high-current copper and aluminum wires for reliable connections to molded-case circuit breakers, meter sockets, and panel board equipment. The short overall length of these terminals allows for installation in limited space, and the pin offset can reduce interference with panel meters and other equipment.

Aluminum Compression Adapter

Aluminum Offset Adapter