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Portable Outlet Boxes

Portable Outlet Boxes

Bring outlets to indoor industrial and commercial locations far from the power source.

Outlet Boxes with Cord Cover

An integrated lay-flat cord duct minimizes the tripping hazard of the power cord and reduces wear to the cord from foot traffic.

NEMA 5-15 Plug — NEMA 5-15 Outlet

Pendant Drop Outlet Boxes

These boxes come with an extension cord and strain relief for use as pendant drops. They have multiple outlets to supply power to several devices.

Temporary Power Stringers

Distribute multiple portable outlet boxes on a single cord throughout temporary setups in indoor locations, such as trade show venues and temporary buildings.

2 Outlet Boxes — 15 ft Between Boxes

3 Outlet Boxes — 10 ft Between Boxes

4 Outlet Boxes — 15 ft Between Boxes

6 Outlet Boxes — 10 ft Between Boxes