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Portable Power Cords

Portable Power Cords

Unlike power cable, which are best suited for permanent installation, portable power cords offer flexibility and mobility and have a plug at one end for connecting the machine to an electrical outlet.


The default option, these cords have a standard NEMA plug on one end and bare wire on the other for powering tools, appliances, or other equipment.

125V AC — NEMA 1-15 Plug X Alligator Clips

125V AC — NEMA 1-15 Plug X Wire Leads

125V AC — NEMA 5-15 Plug X Blunt Cut

125V AC — NEMA 5-15 Plug X Wire Leads

125V AC — NEMA 6-15 Plug X Wire Leads


Featuring a plug on one end and a socket at the other end, these cords let you extend the reach of a light fixture, a power tool, or another device.

125V AC — NEMA 5-15 X NEMA 5-15

125V AC — NEMA 5-15 X IEC-320 C13

125V AC — NEMA 5-15 X Eyelets

For Electronic Equipment & PDU

Use these cords to transmit power from power distribution units (PDUs) to computer servers or other electronic equipment.

125V AC — IEC-320 C14 X IEC-320 C13

With Start-Up Protection

Suitable for use with table saws, drill presses, or other heavy equipment, these cords are fitted with a safety device that prevents the machine from accidentally restarting in the event of a power interruption.

For Range & Dryer

Connect a kitchen stove or clothes dryer to an appropriate power outlet using these cords.

Milwaukee Tool Quik-Lok

Made specifically for use with Milwaukee Tool power tools, these cords have a collar that turns for quick connect and disconnect.