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Prewired Raceways

Prewired Raceways

Simplify your wiring installation with prewired raceways. Lengths of wire are enclosed in a rectangular metal channel that can be quickly routed and installed along surfaces.

Wiremold Metal Plugmold Series

Rather than rewiring walls, select the Wiremold Plugmold series to create a surface-mounted system in residential applications.

Steel Raceway

Steel Entrance End

Hubbell Metal PlugTrak Series

These pre-wired raceways are made of metal and offer flexibility in designing wire and cable installations using 120 VAC receptacles with a NEMA 5-15 rating.

Steel Raceway

Wiremold Non-Metallic Plugmold Series

These lightweight power strips have a tapered profile design with duplex receptacles on multiple spacings.

Polyester NM2000 Series Raceway

PVC NM2000 Entrance End

Hubbell Non-Metallic PlugTrak Series

Choose these pre-wired units for receptacles of 15 to 20 amps.

PVC Raceway