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Prewired Raceways

Prewired Raceways

Prewired raceways save installation time by eliminating the need to prepare and piece together separate components. They consist of a length of raceway with wiring and receptacles already in place. The end of the channel terminates with either an electrical cord and plug for connecting to an outlet or with open wires for attaching to a splice box. Mount these raceways to a wall, floor, ceiling, or other flat surface to provide power to new areas or adapt to changing power and data needs.

Wiremold Metal Plugmold Series

Metal Wiremold Plugmold prewired raceways are stronger than nonmetallic Wiremold Plugmold prewired raceways.

Steel Raceway

2000PM Series

2000PM Series (Isolated Ground)


2000TR Series

2000USB Series

2000GFCI Series

Steel Entrance End


Wiremold Nonmetallic Plugmold Series

Nonmetallic Wiremold Plugmold prewired raceways are lighter than metallic Wiremold Plugmold raceways.

Polyester NM2000 Series Raceway

PVC NM2000 Entrance End

Hubbell Metal PlugTrak Series

These Hubbell PlugTrak prewired raceways are made of metal and provide more strength than nonmetallic Hubbell Plug Trak prewired raceways.

Steel Raceway

Hubbell Nonmetallic PlugTrak Series

Made of plastic, nonmetallic Hubbell PlugTrak prewired raceways are lighter than metallic Hubbell PlugTrak raceways.

PVC Raceway