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PVC Conduit Adapters

PVC Conduit Adapters

Attach conduit fittings to rigid PVC conduit or connect rigid PVC conduit to an electrical box or enclosure with these adapters. Made of corrosion-resistant PVC, they are suitable for outdoor use and underground burial applications.

Box Adapters

Use box adapters to attach rigid PVC conduit fittings to a junction box or electrical enclosure. Feed the cylinder of the adapter through a knockout hole in the box or enclosure and use PVC cement to solvent-weld a female fitting to the cylinder on the outside of the box or enclosure.

Terminal Adapters

Connect rigid PVC conduit to threaded fittings in metal conduit systems with these terminal adapters. They are also commonly used to attach rigid PVC conduit to an electrical box or enclosure. Use PVC cement to solvent-weld the unthreaded portion of the adapter to rigid PVC conduit.

Female Adapter

Male Adapter