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Rigid Conduit Bushings

Rigid Conduit Bushings

These rigid bushings have a rounded surface that prevents sharp conduit edges from damaging wire and cable as its pulled through the conduit. They install on conduit ends and are commonly used to attach conduit to an electrical box or enclosure.

Grounding Bushings

Use the grounding lug on these metallic bushings to securely connect metal conduit to ground for safety. Grounding bushings are typically used on service entrance and distribution equipment to bond all of the electrical devices to a central grounding location.

Nylon Insulated

Insulating Bushings

Plastic insulating bushings are a lightweight, corrosion-resistant alternative to metallic bushings.

Gray Threaded

White Push-On

Hex Bushings

These metallic conduit bushings are suitable for use with threaded metal conduit.

Nylon Insulated