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Rigid Conduit Connectors

Rigid Conduit Connectors

Connectors join conduit to an electrical enclosure, machinery, or another piece of conduit.

Compression Connectors

Tighten the integrated compression nut on these connectors to install without soldering. These connectors can join two pieces of electrical metallic tubing (EMT) or intermediate metal conduit (IMC), or attach conduit to an electrical box.

Nylon Insulated


Rain- & Concrete-Tight Compression Connectors

Keep water away from electrical wiring with rain-tight compression connectors. These fittings create a rain-tight seal when connecting conduit to an electrical box or enclosure. Concrete-tight fittings may be embedded in concrete.

Rain Tight Nylon Insulated

Rain Tight Non-Insulated

Concrete Tight Non-Insulated

Set Screw Connectors

Designed to connect non-threaded conduit to an electrical box, these fittings feature a set screw on top that tightens to secure the conduit in place.



Concrete-Tight Set Screw Connectors

Able to withstand being embedded in concrete when taped, these conduit connectors secure conduit using the integrated set screw.

Nylon Insulated


Two-Piece Connectors

These two-piece fittings are suitable for fastening electrical metallic tubing (EMT) to a box or an enclosure for running wires. Simply feed the connector's inner ring up through a knockout in the box, drop in the conduit, and screw on the outer ring until secure.


Three-Piece Connectors

Comprised of three pieces, these connectors can be used to join two lengths of threaded conduit or intermediate metal conduit (IMC) when neither one can be rotated.

Compression Connector Three-Piece

Three-Piece Couplings


Join two pieces of rigid conduit, or fasten conduit to a junction box or another electrical device, with these straight connectors.

Female Thread

Male Thread