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Rigid Conduit Nipples

Rigid Conduit Nipples

Use with rigid and IMC conduit to join two enclosures or conduit bodies together.

Chase Closed Nipples

Topped with a hex head for fastening, these nipples can be paired with a coupling to connect conduit to an electrical box, or used with a locknut to join two boxes.


Threaded at both ends, these pipe nipples can join two threaded pieces of conduit to house electrical wires or cables.

12 in Galvanized Steel

12 in Aluminum

34 in Galvanized Steel

34 in Aluminum

1 in Galvanized Steel

1 in Aluminum

1 14 in Galvanized Steel

1 14 in Aluminum

1 12 in Galvanized Steel

1 12 in Aluminum

2 in Galvanized Steel

2 in Aluminum

Offset Nipples

Featuring an offset design, these nipples are ideal for connecting two electrical boxes whose knockouts are not aligned.