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Set Screw Lugs

Set Screw Lugs

No crimping tools are required to attach these lugs to wires—simply tighten the screw on the conductor. Also called mechanical connectors, set screw lugs are commonly used in power distribution systems and with large motors because of their high current carrying capability and strength, and are typically mounted to electrical equipment using mount holes on the tongue of the lug.

Aluminum Universal

These lugs are compatible with copper and aluminum stranded wire and resistant to corrosion.

for 1 Conductor

for 2 Conductors

for 3 Conductors

for 4 Conductors


For light-duty applications, these lugs have a pressure bar that distributes the clamping force and prevents the end of the screw from damaging the conductor.



The offset tongue allows a wider range of conductor sizes than are accommodated by standard lugs.

L Screw

Use these compact L-shaped lugs with stranded wire in power applications.

Lay In

Quickly install a continuous grounding conductor using these lugs, which do not have to be threaded by the wire. Just mount a lug, lay in the conductor, and tighten the set screw.


These lugs have a clamp to hold the conductor more securely than a set screw can.

for 1 Conductor

for 2 Conductors

for 3 Conductors

Battery Flag

Also known as right-angle or elbow terminals, these battery flag lugs are used with automotive or marine batteries. They have a clamping bolt and nut for securing the lug to the battery post, and attach to battery leads by crimping or soldering.