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Splice Kits

Splice Kits

Get all you need to complete your splicing application.

Heat-Shrink Sleeve Repair Kits

These kits contain all you need to complete an efficient heat-shrink sleeve repair of jacketed cable. Cover the included sleeve with the included channel to keep the sleeve in place while adhesive sets.

1,000V AC

Water-Resistant Wrap-Around Splice Kits

A silicone-filled cover makes these water-resistant, flame-retardant, wrap-around splice kits rated for low-voltage underground and overhead applications.

1,000V AC

Above-Grade Splice Kits

These are standard repair kits for splices that are in dry, above-grade environments. The kits include a splice, heat-shrink material, and fasteners.

Shrink Ratio 3:1 — Shrink Temp 248 ° F — 600V AC

Underground Splice Kits

Often used in direct burial applications such as irrigation controls and outdoor lighting, these underground splice kits have a heavy wall and adhesive liner that seals out moisture.

Splice Kit-Self Sealing — 600V AC

Underground Splice Kit — 600V AC

Splice Kits for Motor Leads

Splice non-shielded feeder and motor lead cables with these kits, which include lug covers, locking pins, and other components that protect electrical connections from moisture and abrasion.

1,000V AC

8,000V AC

Splice Kits for Power Cable

Use these splice kits for power cables exposed to weather or in applications that require direct burial. The kit is designed specifically for a power cable's thick insulation and sheath.

Splice Kits for Signal & Control Cable

Everything you need to splice signal and control cables is included within these splice kits. These contain a two-piece mold that is specially designed to fit around signal and control cables.

Resin Compound Splice Kits

Insulate odd-sized splices using these resin splice kits. The resin forms a plastic mold around the connection.

Submersible Potting Kits

Protect against deterioration and corrosion from fountains and pools with these submersible potting kits. The potting compound in the kit fills and encapsulates the ground connection in a water-tight shell.