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Strut Channel Angle Brackets

Strut Channel Angle Brackets

Use these angled brackets to join and support strut channels that meet at an angle.

90° Angle Brackets

Join channel pieces at a right angle with these 90° angle brackets.

Galvanized Steel

Powder Coated Urethane Steel

Polished Brite Stainless Steel

Slotted 90° Angle Brackets

One side of these 90° angle brackets has a slot that allows the bracket to be more easily adjusted during mounting than a bracket with holes.

Galvanized Steel

Non-Rotating 90° Angle Brackets

The integrated tab on these brackets allows you to easily align them with strut channel and helps prevent rotation while tightening a screw. These brackets are used with long struts or when joining more than one connection.

Galvanized Steel

Angle Brackets

These open- or closed-angle brackets can be used to join channel pieces at angles that are greater than or less than 90° for traveling around existing structures.

Galvanized Steel