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Strut Channel Fasteners

Strut Channel Fasteners

Fasten strut channels to each other or to various fittings and connectors with these nuts, bolts, and washers. They are commonly used to build strut channel structures in electrical, mechanical, construction, and telecommunication applications.

Channel Nuts

Secure threaded rod and other hardware to strut channels using channel nuts. They sit inside the open center of a strut channel and have side grooves that grip the channel lips tightly to keep the hardware in place at any point along the opening.

Channel Spring Nuts

These channel spring nuts provide a stronger hold than standard channel nuts when attaching hardware such as bolts or threaded rods to a strut channel. The nut's spring creates tension that keeps the nut securely in place inside the channel, and the nut's side grooves fit onto the lips of the channel to prevent unwanted movement. Ideal for applications with heavy loads.

Galvanized Steel

304 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

Channel Cone Nuts

Install cone nuts inside strut channel slots to secure threaded rods and other hardware to the strut channel. Cone nuts have a flexible nylon cone that grips the lips of the channel to keep the nut in place, even when the temperature of the surrounding environment changes. Since they don't have a spring that can get jammed in the channel, they are a useful alternative to channel spring nuts.

Channel Hex Nuts

Secure channel bolts and threaded rods to strut channels with these hex nuts. They have a hexagonal shape that can be gripped with a wrench and are internally threaded.

Threaded-Rod Trap Nuts

Save time when securing threaded rods or bolts onto strut channels with these trap nuts, which can be used in place of standard hex nuts, square channel washers, and flat washers. Trap nuts swivel open and closed and can be installed at any point along a threaded rod or bolt without having to access the end of the rod or bolt. A locking pin holds the nut in place and can be removed to reposition or uninstall the nut. Ideal for retrofit applications where a nut is required but the ends of the threaded rod are not accessible.

Galvanized Steel

Square Channel Washers

Use these flat, square washers to attach hardware such as channel bolts, nuts, and threaded rod to strut channels. The washers install on top of the strut channel's open slot and provide a flat, stable surface where the hardware can attach to the strut.

Galvanized Steel

304 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

Channel Saddle Washers

Attach threaded hanger rods to a strut channel using these saddle washers. The washers install over the open center of the strut channel, and their curved sides wrap over the channel's edges to prevent the washer from turning when the rod is screwed into it. Fasten the washer in place with a nut.

Channel Bolts

Use channel bolts, also known as hex head bolts, to connect fittings, hardware, and other components to strut channels when building a strut channel structure. They have a hexagonal-shaped head that can be gripped with a wrench and are fastened in place with a compatible nut and washer.

Threaded-Rod Couplings

Join together two pieces of threaded rod in your strut channel structure with these couplings. Also called coupling nuts or extension nuts, they have a hexagonal shape so a wrench can hold them.