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Switch & Outlet Box Covers & Accessories

Switch & Outlet Box Covers & Accessories

Enhance the use of electrical boxes and keep wiring connections protected with these box covers and accessories.

Box Extension Rings

Increase the depth of your electrical box with these extension rings. They are suitable for installing switches or outlets in thick walls or creating additional space within boxes for wiring or conduit.

Extension Ring

Plaster Ring

Ring Cover

Floor Box Covers

Built to withstand foot traffic, these covers are suitable for use with floor outlet boxes and help protect them from dirt, dust, and damage.



Box Covers

Select covers with the right openings to fit switches, receptacles, or other electrical devices. Solid covers can be used to close pull boxes, which are handy for running wire or cable, or boxes that are not in use, helping protect electrical wiring and prevent hazards.

Powder Coat Aluminum

Powder Coat Zinc