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Temporary Power

Temporary Power

These power stations and distribution boxes, cords, and receptacles provide ground fault interruption and regulate and distribute power for temporary needs, such as construction sites, events, and emergencies.

Distribution Boxes

Use these temporary power distribution boxes to distribute portable power for short-term needs, such as at concerts, construction sites, and trade shows.

50 A, 120/240V AC Rating


Acting as a combination transformer and distribution panel, these temporary power stations are used to regulate and distribute power from a generator, temporary power pole, or other 480V AC power source.

Portable Power Station

480V AC Input Volt — 120/208V AC Output Volt

Temporary Power Station

480V AC Input Volt — 120/240V AC Output Volt

Distribution Cords & Receptacles

These power cords and accessories are designed to help you get the most out of your temporary power station or power distribution box.

20 A, 208V AC Rating

50 A, 250V AC Rating

200 A, 600V AC Rating