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Toggle Switch Wall Plates

Toggle Switch Wall Plates

Install these wall plates on electrical boxes that contain toggle switch devices (more commonly known as light switches or wall switches) to protect the wiring and components inside the box from damage and prevent accidental contact with them. The plates screw onto the box and have cutouts for the switch. They're designed for use with switch boxes that are recessed into a wall.

Regular Plates

Protect the wiring and components inside switch boxes from damage and prevent accidental contact with them using these plates.

Oversized, Plastic

Standard, Plastic

Standard, Metallic

Tamper-Resistant Plates

Suitable for use in schools, hospitals, or other public-use or institutional buildings, these plates are designed to handle abuse. They feature a tamper-resistant plate that is attached to the electrical box using tamper-resistant screws.

Waterproof Plates

Also known as bubble plates, these waterproof plates have a flexible plastic bubble that completely covers the toggle switch to protect it and keep out moisture and weather while still allowing it to be used. Ideal for wet or outdoor locations such as washdown areas and marine environments.