Trailer Wiring Systems

Trailer Wiring Systems

Route power from your towing vehicle to a trailer to operate its brake lights and turn signals using these electrical components.

Trailer Wiring Harnesses

Wire your trailer for electricity using these pre-assembled wire bundles, which can be simpler to install than individual wires.

Plug In Sealed Pigtail

Trailer Connectors

Typically installed near the trailer hitch, trailer connectors join two electrical circuits to transmit current from your towing vehicle to a trailer in order to power tail lights, electric brakes, or an auxiliary outlet. They are available in different configurations to suit the application and often have a molded, weatherproof housing for protection.

Automobile End

Trailer End

Trailer Connector Boxes, Covers, & Testers

Protect trailer connectors from the elements and ensure they're in good working order using these boxes, covers, and testers.