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Tumbler Switches

Tumbler Switches

When frequently making, breaking, or changing connections in an electrical circuit, use these tumbler switches. The tumbler design helps prevent arcing, especially in combustible conditions. A lever mechanism within the switch quickly activates and deactivates power to the circuit. They are also used where conditions of load do not exceed the switch ratings.

Tumbler Switches

Move the lever on these tumbler switches to activate power in a circuit.

Malleable Iron Body, On/Off Legend

3 in (Wd) x 4 58 in (Ht) x 4 1116 in (Dp)

12 in Port Size

34 in Port Size

1 in Port Size

Tumbler Switch Assemblies & Components

Choose from a variety of tumbler switch assemblies and components.

Malleable Iron Cover, 3 in (Wd) x 4 58 in (Ht)