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Twist-On Wire Connectors

Twist-On Wire Connectors

Connect two or more low-voltage wires by twisting on the connector by hand. No crimping tools are required. Also called wire nuts, these connectors have an insulating plastic body and a metal insert on the inside to secure the wire connection and provide electrical continuity.


Connect wire with a twist. These connectors are the most common option for general-purpose wiring connections. They come in a variety of colors for quick identification.

300V AC Voltage

600V AC Voltage

Wing Connectors

The contoured wing design works as a built-in grip, providing maximum torque with minimum effort. They come in a variety of colors for quick identification.

600V AC Voltage

Wide Range

A flexible skirt on the connector covers a broad range of solid or stranded wire size combinations. They come in a variety of colors for quick identification.

600V AC Voltage

Heat Resistant

The plastic shell is designed to withstand higher temperatures than standard twist-on connectors.

300V AC Voltage

600V AC Voltage

Vibration Resistant

For use around motors and other vibrating equipment, these connectors have a set screw that compresses the wires to maintain a secure vibration-resistant connection.

300V AC

600V AC

Weather Resistant

A silicone seal inside these twist-on wire connectors provides resistance to moisture and corrosion, enabling use in wet locations. The cap has a hexagonal portion for use with a nutdriver.

600V AC Voltage


Twist wires together and maintain a firm connection in underground direct burial applications where moisture resistance is needed. The connector has grease in the insulator tube that forms a seal around the wires to protect the connection from moisture.


Pigtail multiple grounding wires with these connectors that allow one grounding wire to come through the hole at the top for a single connection point. The winged design provides a secure grip for twisting the wires by hand when installed.

600V AC Voltage


Cover bare live wire ends with one of these self-clamping slip-on caps.

1,000V AC Voltage