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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

If the mains power fails, these uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can help prevent data loss, serious disruption to your business, or injuries. They provide short-term AC power derived from an internal battery to computers, servers, or other equipment when there is an outage, allowing time for data to be saved and equipment to be properly shut down.


For non-critical applications such as residential and small office workstations, standby UPS systems, also called offline UPS systems, provide basic protection from power surges and blackouts.

The load is directly connected to the AC mains when the supply voltage is normal. When the mains voltage falls below a preset minimum level or fails, the system turns on the DC-to-AC inverter, which is powered by the battery, and switches the connected equipment to the inverter output. The switching time can be longer than with line interactive UPS systems.

with 10 Outlets, 120V AC

with 12 Outlets, 120V AC

with 6 Outlets, 120V AC

with 8 Outlets, 120V AC

Line Interactive

Reliable and efficient, these UPS systems offer some filtering and voltage regulation, and can tolerate continuous undervoltage (brownout) and surges without consuming all reserve battery power. These UPS systems are recommended for small business networks and departmental servers that won't be severely impacted by a brief lapse in power during the switching period.

The output of the inverter in the line-interactive UPS is always connected to the output. When the mains supply is normal, it powers the external equipment and simultaneously operates the inverter in reverse (AC-to-DC) to charge the battery. When an outage occurs, the inverter automatically switches to normal operation, converting the battery power to AC voltage to supply the external equipment.

with 3 Outlets, 120V AC

with 4 Outlets, 120V AC

with 6 Outlets, 120V AC

with 7 Outlets, 120V AC

with 8 Outlets, 120V AC

with 9 Outlets, 120V AC

with 10 Outlets, 120V AC

with 12 Outlets, 120V AC

with 8 Outlets, 230V AC


Offering the highest degree of protection from supply surges, sags, and blackouts, on-line UPS systems are commonly used as power backup for networks and servers in call centers and industrial environments where even a brief interruption in power would be a serious problem.

While the AC mains is the primary power source in line interactive and standby UPS systems, the inverter circuit is always the primary power source in an on-line UPS and the mains provides power to charge the battery. Since there is no load switching, there is no lapse in output power when an outage occurs.

4 Outlets, 120V AC

6 Outlets, 100/110/120V AC

6 Outlets, 120V AC

7 Outlets, 110/120V AC

8 Outlets, 120V AC

9 Outlets, 110/120V AC