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Unit Mount Miniature Circuit Breakers

Unit Mount Miniature Circuit Breakers

Used in low-voltage applications, these circuit breakers automatically open a circuit when overload and short circuit conditions are detected. These breakers have a molded case, cable-in/cable-out (lug/lug) connections, and are often used in HVAC, HACR, machinery, water and wastewater treatment applications. All circuit breakers must be used with a compatible panelboard or load center.

QOU Series

These QOU-series breakers are resistant to damage caused by high humidity and have passed a 500-hour salt-spray test, making them a popular choice for use in HVAC and wastewater treatment applications.

Square D Panel Boards

THQC Series

Use THQC-series unit-mount circuit breakers for AC systems in commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.

GE Panel Boards