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Wireless Push Buttons & Accessories

Wireless Push Buttons & Accessories

Increase flexibility, reduce installation costs, and control systems remotely with wireless push buttons and accessories. They are ideal for use when control locations change, or with extended industrial applications such as conveyor systems and palletizers.

Choose a complete switch or create a custom switch from the individual modules.


Use a wireless push-button switch to send a signal to a remote device to actuate an operation. These wireless push-button switches are complete units, include a transmitter, and are ready for installation.

for 22 mm Panel Cutout Dia

Wireless Push Button

Wireless Push Button Kit (Receiver & Transmitter Included)


Select an operator to replace or add to your wireless push button assembly. To create a complete unit, add a contact block, transmitter, and housing.

Boots, Heads, & Caps

Add or replace push-button heads, caps or boots on your wireless push-button assembly. Heads are the body of the push button itself, caps are the top of the head that is pushed by the user, and boots are an optional rubber covering to protect the push button controls from moisture, dirt and oil.

Antennas, Transmitters, & Receivers

Antennas, transmitters and receivers enable a wireless push button switch to send a signal to a receiving device to initiate an operation. Antennas increase the range between the wireless push button transmitter and the receiver.