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Wireways & Accessories

Wireways & Accessories

Also known as wire troughs, electrical wireways protect wires and cables from damage as they are routed along walls, floors, and ceilings. They are typically used in industrial applications.


Protect wires and cables from damage as they are routed along walls, floors, and ceilings. These wireways produce straight runs and are also known as wire troughs.

4 in x 4 in (W x H)

6 in x 6 in (W x H)

Telescope Fitting

Wrap these telescoping wireways across two existing separate wireways to join them as one. They are adjustable to accommodate various sized gaps between wireway components.

90° Elbows

Connect two wireways perpendicularly with these 90° elbows. They are ideal for routing wireways around equipment and corners.

90° Sweep Elbows

With a larger radius than standard 90° elbows, the 90° sweep elbow is shaped to make wide, sweeping turns. Use these to connect and route wireways around wide corners or large obstacles.

45° Elbows

The 45° angle of these elbows allows you to route wireways into sharper corners and turns than 90° elbows. The elbows provide a secure connection between two wireways.


Use these tees when you need wireways to run perpendicular to each other.


Securely attach two wireways together. These connectors slide onto the ends of wireways to allow for a continuous run.

Wireway End Flanges

Securely mount your wireway to a panel with these end flanges. The lip on these end flanges has holes for mounting.

End Caps

Close off wireways or fittings with these end caps. They close up the wireway to keep out debris while protecting the wires.

Wireway Hangers

Suspend wireways from a surface with these wireway hangers. These are for applications where wireways cannot be mounted directly to a surface or need to be routed around obstacles and barriers.