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Blind Rivet Tools

Blind Rivet Tools

Set blind rivets quickly and effectively with these blind rivet tools. Also known as rivet guns, they provide the necessary force to grip, pull, and break off the rivet's mandrel to properly install the rivet.

Hand-Operated Riveters

Use these manual riveters for small jobs or where you don't have access to an electrical outlet or air compressor.

Plier Style

Swivel-Head Plier Style

Lever Style

Tong Style

Air-Powered Riveters

Also known as pneumatic riveters, these riveters receive power from an air compressor to install rivets.

Battery-Powered Riveters

These cordless riveters operate on battery power, so you don't need to be tethered to an outlet or air compressor.


Nosepieces and nosepiece assemblies attach to a riveter and are set onto the mandrel of a blind rivet to pull the mandrel and install the rivet. Choose a nosepiece to match the size of the rivet that is being installed.

Jaw Kits

Find alternate or replacement jaws for your riveter.

Nosepiece Assemblies

Extend the nose of your riveter to get at hard-to-reach spots with these nosepiece assemblies. Choose an assembly that's compatible with your tool.