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Dowel Pins

Dowel Pins

Strengthen joints and align components with these straight, solid dowel pins. They’re frequently used in tooling and fixtures.


Black Oxide Alloy Steel

Plain Alloy Steel

18-8 Stainless Steel

Passivated 416 Stainless Steel

Plain Steel



Compensate for enlarged or out-of-round holes with these oversized pins.

416 Stainless Steel

Military Specification

These pins are manufactured to military specifications for demanding applications.

Passivated 416 Stainless Steel

Pull-Out with Flat Vent

Vents on the flat surface of these pins allow air to escape, easing installation in blind holes. These reusable pins have an internally threaded end so you can thread in a screw or bolt and use it to pull the pin out of a hole.

Plain Steel