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Mounted Studs

Mounted Studs

Bond one end of these mounted studs to a workpiece for permanent installation.

Drawn Arc Weld

Weld the ceramic ring of these studs with a drawn arc process to form a strong joint that withstands vibration and water, oil, air, or gas leaks. Also known as ring weld studs, they install into a tapped hole in the workpiece.

Plain Steel

18-8 Stainless Steel

Capacitor Discharge Weld

Apply direct current to weld on these studs. They have a small projection on the base that melts and bonds to the surface of the workpiece. Good for use on smaller studs and thin, lightweight materials.

Copper Plated Steel

18-8 Stainless Steel

Bottom Projection Weld

Insert these studs into a tapped hole then weld the projections on the underside of the flange to secure the stud to your workpiece.

Plain Steel

Top Projection Weld

Hold these studs flush against a workpiece then weld the projections on top of the flange to secure the stud.

Plain Steel

Right Angle Weld

Create a stud mount on the edge or corner of a workpiece. One leg of these L-shaped studs is a smooth rectangular spade and the other is a threaded rod. Hold the spade flush against the workpiece and weld the projection on the spade to secure the stud.

Plain Steel

Adhesive Mount

Stick the adhesive-backed base to a workpiece to secure these studs.