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Panel Rivets

Panel Rivets

Fasten thinner materials such as plastic or particleboard. Panel rivets, also known as push-in rivets, require less force to install than solid or tubular rivets. Install them in punched or pre-drilled holes.

Ribbed Shank

The ribs on the shank of these rivets grip into fastened materials, contracting as they're inserted and then expanding to create tension. The angle of the ribs prevent the rivet from backing out.

Click-Lock Shank

The shank on these rivets expands upon installation, clicking to create tension and lock them in place.

Split Shank

The shank is split into two lobes that squeeze together to fit into a hole then spread apart after installation to hold the rivet in place.

Arrow Shank

Also known as arrow clips, these rivets have a tapered shank that squeezes into a hole then expands after it's pushed through to hold the rivet in place.

Keyhole Shank

Also known as keyhole clips, these rivets have a keyhole-shaped cutout in the shank that allows them to compress into holes and expand upon installation for a tight hold. Good for use in small holes.

Ratchet Shank

These rivets have two heads with serrated shafts that interlock from opposite ends of a hole to provide a finished look on both sides of the workpiece.