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Rivet Nuts

Rivet Nuts

Add threads to thin or brittle materials that are too delicate for hole tapping. Rivet nuts can be anchored from one side to form a flange that secures the nut against the underside of the material.

Steel Rivet Nuts

This magnetic material is the most common choice for everyday fastening applications.

Aluminum Rivet Nuts

At roughly 1/3 the weight of steel, aluminum is a strong, corrosion-resistant metal commonly used for its lightweight properties. It is nonmagnetic.

Nut Inserts

Insert into a hole when you can't tap, weld, or braze.

Zinc Plated Steel


Rivet Nut Tools

Install rivet nuts with these tools.

Rivet Nut Gun

Rivet Nut Tool Kit


Also known as setting mandrels, they sit inside a rivet and push out the sides of the rivet as it's installed.


Fit these replacement nosepieces on a compatible rivet tool.