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Threaded Rods & Studs

Threaded Rods & Studs

Screw in these headless threaded rods and studs to fasten, hang, brace, mount, and support objects. Thread them into a tapped hole and fasten them with a nut or other internally threaded fastener at one or both ends as needed. They can be cut to a desired length with a saw, grinder, or similar tool.

Generally, threaded rod refers to longer lengths while threaded stud refers to shorter lengths.

Fully Threaded

Threads run the entire length of these rods.

Plain Steel

Zinc Plated Steel

Galvanized Steel

Gold Galvanized Steel

Plain Class 8.8 Steel

Plain Grade B7 Steel

Black Oxide Grade B7 Steel

Yellow Zinc Grade B7 Steel

Zinc Plated Class 4.8 Steel

Zinc Plated Class 8.8 Steel

Galvanized Class 8.8 Steel

Plain Class 10.9 Steel

Plain Class 12.9 Steel

18-8 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel




Left Hand Threaded

Use left-hand threads where counterclockwise movements would cause right-hand threads to back out. The threads run in the opposite direction from standard threads.

Plain Steel — Fully Threaded

Zinc Plated Steel — Fully Threaded

Threaded Ends

Also known as double-ended threaded rods, these rods are threaded at each end with an unthreaded portion at the center. Choose rods with different thread sizes on each end to join together differently threaded items.

Zinc Plated Steel

Black Oxide Steel

18-8 Stainless Steel


With Wrench Flats

Also known as driver studs, these rods have a wrench flat in the center for tightening with a wrench.

Black Oxide Steel

With Hex Nuts

These rods include hex nuts to secure parts of the workpiece together. Good for fastening flanged pipes.

Plain Steel

Fluoropolymer Coated Steel

Vinyl Ester

Internally Threaded

Screw anchors and other fasteners into these internally threaded rods.

Zinc Plated Steel