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Backflow Prevention Accessories

Backflow Prevention Accessories

Clean, maintain, or adapt your backflow prevention valves to your system with these tools.

Test Kit Replacement Hoses

Keep your backflow test kits in good condition with these replacement hoses.


Find foot pedals that open or close the valve for the water supply to sinks and water fountains in facilities such as commercial kitchens or laboratories.

Caps, Cap Tethers, & Filters

Replace the inline filters for your backflow test kit hoses, or add a valve cap and tether to keep test cocks clear of dust and debris and prevent the cap from getting lost.

Air Gap Drain Kits

Catch discharge from relief valves and funnel it into a drain system with these air gap drain kits.

ABS Plastic Body

Test Cocks

Test your backflow prevention system to help ensure it is functioning properly and meeting building codes with these test cocks. They can also function as an isolation valve to stop the flow of material in a line, or to attach a gauge, test hoses, or other equipment lines.

Bronze Body

NPT Connection

Copper Silicon Alloy Body

NPT Connection

Plastic Body

NPT Connection

Test Cock Adapters & Adapter Kits

Attach a differential pressure test gauge to a backflow prevention system using these test cock adapters and adapter kits. They can be hand tightened, and do not require tape to secure.

Bleed-Off Valve Assemblies

Test and slowly release liquid from your backflow prevention system with these bleed-off valves. They are often used to compensate for a leaking shutoff valve within the system.

Air Gaps

Connect an air gap device to your plumbing system as a backflow prevention method. The air gap connects to a relief port on a reduced pressure zone device and drains off any discharge from backsiphoning or backpressure.

Cast Iron Body