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Bottle, Pail,  & Jug Pumps

Bottle, Pail, & Jug Pumps

Use these compact pumps on containers smaller than drums and barrels, such as bottles, jugs, and pails, to pump non-corrosive liquids.

General Purpose

Transfer water, fuel, and petroleum-based liquids from a drum or other storage container to a receptacle (such as a pail). Pump the handle a few times to get the flow started, then keep the piston handle lifted so the liquid will flow without further pumping. Depress the handle and remove the tube from the source container to stop the flow.



Dispense light- to medium-viscosity oils and other non-corrosive fluids with these hand-operated pumps. Great for use in hard-to-reach places, such as in vehicles and machinery, they dispense with a downstroke on the handle. The included bottle allows easy portability of oils and fluids.



Mounted to the lids of 5-gallon pails, these hand-operated pumps efficiently transfer lubricants and other compatible liquids.

Battery Powered for Pails

Transfer light oils and kerosene from 5-gallon pails without hand pumping. Do not use with gasoline or other volatile fuels.

Brushed DC Motor


Compatible with most 1-gallon jugs, these hand-operated pumps feature suction tube lengths shorter than those for pails, but longer than those for bottles.