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Chemical Pump Accessories

Chemical Pump Accessories

Install, enhance, or repair your chemical pump systems with these items including mounting, measuring, and control devices, and replacement parts and kits.

Tubing & Inline Mixers

Use this tubing with your chemical pumps to inject chlorine, weak acids, and alkaline solutions into the fluid stream. Inline mixers can be installed directly in your chemical pump system pipelines and passively mix your chemical feed using turbulence as it passes through the mixer.

PVC Body

Santoprene Body

Flow Indicators & Flow Measurement Devices

Check that pumping is on-going through your chemical pump systems with these simple indicators and other measurement devices. Use these products to perform basic tasks such as indicating when a pump has stopped or troubleshooting pump issues.

Vertical Mount

Mounting Accessories

Attach your chemical pumps securely to surfaces such as walls and tables with these mounting accessories.

Plastic Housing

Polyethylene Housing

Repair Kits

Repair broken or worn parts in your chemical pumps with these kits.

CSPE Diaphragm

Ceramic Seal

TFE Diaphragm

Ceramic Seal

Metering Pump Tanks

Change out the feed tanks in your chemical pump systems, or keep extra tanks on hand for backup.

Natural Color

White Color

Metering Pump Valves

Maintain the proper pressure in the lines for your chemical metering pump systems and allow for off-gassing or system flushing to help prevent damage with these add-on pump valves.

PVC Body





Control Modules

Inject precise volumes of chemicals from your chemical pumps with these add-on control modules that receive a signal from a pulsing flowmeter and then deliver the dose you specified.