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Condensate Float Switches

Condensate Float Switches

Prevent collected condensate in drain pans and reservoirs from overflowing with these float switches. They monitor liquid levels and automatically turn off HVAC equipment or trigger an alarm in the event of overflow conditions to help avoid water damage.

Auxiliary Switches

Install these switches in drain lines or at drain outlets to detect downstream clogs or blockages. They can be wired in to activate equipment or alarms in response to overflow conditions.

Polypropylene Float — Auxiliary (NO) Normally Open Switch

24V AC

Electronic Safety Overflow Switches

Press these switches onto the outside of condensate drain lines to monitor water levels within the line and trigger when the line becomes full. They don't require contact with the water and aren't affected by buildup on the drain pipe walls. Switches have no moving parts for long life, and they can be mounted at any angle.

ABS Body — Sensor (NC) Normally Closed Switch

24V AC

Condensation Pan Switches

Mount these switches onto drain pans to detect liquid levels and avoid overflow.

Molded ABS Plastic Float — Adjustable (NC) Normally Closed

24V AC

Polyethylene Float — Adjustable (NO) Normally Open

125V/250V AC

Flood Detector Wet Switches

Place these switches in secondary or overflow drain pans to activate at the first sign of moisture. Their sensitive hydrophilic pad absorbs water and immediately triggers the switch in response to overflow conditions.

ABS Body — Fixed (SPDT) Single-Pole Double-Throw Switch

24V AC