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Dual Metal Check Valves

Dual Metal Check Valves

Commonly used in processing tanks, boiler feed lines, and other applications where even minor leakage can cause major issues, these valves have two independent check valves housed in one assembly, ensuring that if one valve fails, the other will still operate. They are low-lead and are certified for use with potable (drinking) water.

General Purpose

Use these valves to prevent leakage and provide a reliable seal against backflow in general liquid-flow applications.

Brass Body

NPT Connection

Bronze Body

NPT Connection

Nylon Body

NPT Connection

Union Connection

For Hot & Cold Beverage Dispensing Systems

Protect the water supply from potential backflow of prepared beverages from mixing dispenser systems such as carbonated drinks, tea, and coffee.

High-Temp Thermoplastic Body

Stainless Steel Body

Flared Connection

NPT Connection