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Flexible Impeller Pump Heads

Flexible Impeller Pump Heads

Connect these pump heads to a direct- or belt-driven motor to pump thick liquids, gels, and pastes as well as some soft and hard solids with pulse-free output. They're often used for fluid circulation, transfer, or velocity mixing.

Impeller pumps use the suction created by the turning impeller to push fluid through the system.

General Purpose

General Purpose

Use these pumps with a variety of viscous fluids including petroleum-based oils and hydraulic fluids. They are often used to empty barrels and recycle machine coolant in pharmaceutical and paper applications.

Brass Housing

Carbon Graphite Bearing

Bronze Housing

Sleeve Bearing

Sanitary Applications

Sanitary Applications

Certified for use in sanitary processes, these pumps are often used in food, beverage, healthcare, and cosmetic applications. They can be easily cleaned, and have smooth, gentle pumping to prevent the break down of shear-sensitive or fragile liquids.

Stainless Steel Housing

Ball Bearing