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Flow Switches

Flow Switches

Rely on these switches for everyday monitoring and control of fluid flow. They send an electrical signal that will start or stop pumps, alarms, metering devices, controllers, or other equipment in response to changing flow rates.

General Purpose

Use these general purpose switches in typical flow monitoring tasks, such as in HVAC lines, water-cooled equipment, and water supply systems. They mount inline in your system and are available in a range of sizes to suit your line size and desired flow rate.

120/240V AC

High-Flow Paddle Style

Mount these durable paddle switches into a pipe tee on high-flow lines. The paddle hangs in the flow line and senses the flow movement to help control and monitor the flow rate. They're often used in HVAC applications, as well as for monitoring swimming pool water and lubricating oils.

24-230V AC

24V DC

4V-120V AC

Compact Piston Style

Fit these slim, inline piston switches into tight, low-clearance spaces. They minimize pressure loss and provide a straight path to maintain optimal flow while monitoring low-flow lines. Liquids flow around the small internal piston, which senses flow rate changes and activates the switch.

240V AC

Multidirectional Shuttle Style

The spring-loaded shuttle of these switches allows them to operate effectively in any mounting position. As liquids flow through the body, the shuttle rises and falls as the flow rate changes, triggering the switch. The spring ensures that the shuttle returns to its original position. Good for water filtration, oil flow monitoring, and reverse osmosis applications.

240V AC

For Booster Pumps

Safeguard your booster pump from dry run or dead head conditions in the event of an insufficient water supply. These switches trigger the pump to automatically shut off when flow drops below a certain point.

115V AC

230V AC

For Swimming Pools & Lubricating Oils

With enclosures that help block out dirt and rain, these paddle switches can be used indoors or out. Mount them in your system's line using a pipe tee. The paddle hangs in the flow line and senses the flow movement to help control and monitor the flow rate.

24-230V AC