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Flowmeter Accessories

Flowmeter Accessories

Build, extend, or repair your flowmeter systems with these items including add-on modules, indicators, switches, displays, and replacement parts.

Pulse Access Modules

Combine a pulse access module with a turbine meter and other electronics to build a flowmeter system. These devices interface with a compatible counter to help monitor flow volume.

Terminal Connection

Transmitter Modules

Add a transmitter to your flowmeter system to convey an analog signal from the meter to a chart recorder or display.

Terminal Connection

Nylon Housing

Remote Monitoring & Meter Readout Kits

Add remote monitoring capability to your flowmeter systems for easy monitoring in potentially hazardous environments. Mount the display in a secure location, then connect to the sensor using a cable.

Pinwheel Flow Indicators

Used for indicating when a system has stopped, or other troubleshooting applications, these devices sense fluid or gas movement in your system.

Polystyrene Housing

Reed Switches

Connect your flowmeter to warning alarms or lights, relays, or PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) using these hermetically sealed reed switches. They are used with magnetically operated flowmeters to translate pulses or rotations into a readable flow rate or total volume of liquid.

Polypropylene Housing

Flow Monitor Displays

Displaying both flow rate and total flow, these compact devices translate low sensor frequencies common in turbine flow sensors.

Flowmeter Adapters

Use these adapters to integrate your flowmeters into systems with other connection types or sizes.

316 Stainless Steel Housing